Pipedrive Deal Automation

Pipedrive Deal Automation Pros and Cons

It isn’t easy to imagine a modern business without special software. Many processes have long been automated using CRM systems. This article is a comprehensive review of the Pipedrive sales management software.

Pipedrive: how to manage sales in today’s world?

Business success increases many times if sales management technology is automated. Modern digital solutions will help solve various tasks, from maintaining a client base to analyzing marketing technologies. The proposed solution was created on the basis of 1C, which greatly facilitates the loading of information from the company’s existing production and accounting modules. Although all offered sales management tools have been tested in information systems of online and offline operating stores, customer reviews are only positive.

The market for CRM systems is developing very rapidly. Such systems are often updated, and it happens that the system in the past only solved some of the issues that confronted it. Still, it is necessary to pay attention to it because its functionality has improved.

Pipedrive is a CRM software for small and medium businesses. It is ideal for managing sales and automating business processes by setting up a sales funnel. This European solution has a wide range of functionality and is very easy to set up and use.

This software allows you to automate many processes in the long term; in particular, sales departments use CRM systems to control work, analyze the involvement of various employees in the process, analyze the level of customer loyalty, control communication between customers and managers, as well as automate the transaction process.

What does a Pipedrive CRM provide?

This well-estimated software solution ensured the following capabilities for its users:

  • Firstly, it stores all communication with customers, from the first contact to successful sales and transactions, in one place. It also preserves information about negative communication cases with the client.
  • Secondly, it is a wide range of analytics tools for understanding sales opportunities, their analysis, and forecast for the future and tracking the success or KPI of the work of managers.
  • Third, there are marketing opportunities. Thanks to the CRM system, marketers can track and analyze the number of attracted customers through certain advertising channels. Also, additional modules help to make mass e-mail mailings and track their delivery, openings, clicks, etc.
  • Fourth and most important. Since the Pipedrive CRM system is a single information space, it becomes much easier for company employees from different departments to communicate with each other and resolve customer issues, significantly increasing the entire team’s productivity.

In addition, customization of business processes in the Pipedrive system is permissible with any criteria specified by the client. For example, some companies want to track the implementation of sales techniques and 5 stages of the salesperson’s work; for some, the sales management system does not interest the manager in terms of organizing processes; only the implementation of key performance indicators is required. The principles and basic tools of sales management can be flexible. When setting up the system, the management’s opinion on the need to complete certain stages is considered.

How much does Pipedrive cost?

As for the costs of implementing this software, they will depend on several factors. So, the average price should include the cost of a license, data transfer from other media, the cost of refinement for your business, and monthly support by developers.

Pipedrive pricing model offers:

  • Essential plan ($12.50/user/month),
  • Advanced plan ($24.90/user/month),
  • Professional plan ($49.90/user/month)
  • Enterprise plan ($99/user/month)user per month).

What’s impressive is that you can integrate this software with over 200 different products. Finally, with Pipedrive, you can be sure that all your company data is secure.